ELAA INTERNATIONAL: An Active Contributor in the International Assistance & Training

ELAA INTERNATIONAL: is currently an active Contributor in the field of International Assistance in Tunisia. Our beliefs are to meet your expectations, to ensure your complete satisfaction and to gain your trust.

With a passionate staff of seasoned professionals having several years  of experience in the field of International Assistance and  based on a Network of well-selected Providers covering the entire Tunisian territory (Private Clinics, Ground Ambulance Companies, General Practitioners, Specialist Doctors, Towing Companies, Car Dealers, Rental Car Services, Forwarders, Experts ...) and Travel Agencies partners enabling the communication of flight plan proposals (sitting position, WCH, stretchers ...) and the ticketing  24/7 as well as hotel booking, ELAA INTERNATIONAL remains at your disposal 24-hours, 7 days a week, with a great availability of listening, delivering High Quality Services, psychological assistance and competitive rates.


From the Founder’s & the General Manager’s Pen:

"An Emergency Doctor with several years of experience in the field of International Assistance, MEDEVAC, Training and Medical Services On Site, my main concern has been and will always be to release as much as possible all my energies and to bring as much as possible my personal contribution to the development of this field of activities for which I am more than passionate.

This passion for the search of the best and particularly the moral satisfaction of all the contributors encouraged me to create ELAA INTERNATIONAL intended to enrich, boost and to reach to a top level of services offered by the Assistance Network with essential mission:

  • Improve the quality of services provided in a concrete, meaningful and continuous way.
  • Offer our customers wider freedoms to choose, by suggesting a new methodology of Services and Packaging.
  • Create a perfect and exemplary relationship with all our Partners.

The appeal of this approach is to offer another niche on a new relationship concept based on innovative ideas acting significantly on the price-quality ratio: lower cost and better Quality of Services."