Assistance Médicale
Assistance de proximité
Services de Conciergerie
Tiers Administrateur (TPA)


  • Alarm Center 24/7 with the state-of-the-art technologies. You will be connected with one of our Assistance coordinators whom will be in charge of your request in coordination with our Medical Staff.
  • Medical regulation 24/7: if needed, you will be immediately put in contact with one of our Regulator Doctors.
  • Passionate and experienced Staff in the field of International Assistance.
  • A Network of well-selected providers spread throughout the Tunisian territory:
    • Private clinics: more than 60 clinics are already contracted with us.
    • Ground ambulance companies: more than 50 ambulances are available.
    • General Practitioners and Specialized Doctors: the highest qualified, skilled and professional in Tunisia
    • Radiology labs
    • Medical laboratories…
  • Travel Agencies partners enabling the communication of flight plan proposals (sitting position, WCH, stretchers ...) and the ticketing 24/7 as well as hotel booking.

ELAA INTERNATIONAL provides you various Services :

  • Information regarding the medical facilities and the Standards of Quality.
  • Patient’s guidance to the most appropriate medical structure regarding the pathology.
  • The organization of hospitalization in different clinics of ELAA INTERNATIONAL Network: more than 60 clinics contracted covering all the Tunisian territory. In addition to that, we have preferential discounts in several clinics. These discounts are clearly visible on invoices for the benefits of our clients.
  • The organization of house call visit (home or hotel) and medical consultations in all Tunisian territory with the most qualified and skilled Doctors.
  • The organization of home or hotel treatment and care.
  • Procurement of medical reports (medical visit, medical consultation and during hospitalization). This activity is under the supervision of Regulator Doctors.
  • The guarantee of medical fees.
  • Cost containment: a dedicated control department of agents and Doctors to check on one hand the accordance between the costs and the agreed rates with the several clinics and on the other hand that doctors’ fees are in accordance with the Tunisian regulations.
  • The organization of ground ambulance transfers (with doctor on board, intensive care ambulance as well simple ambulance) throughout all the Tunisian territory.
  • The organization of taxi transfers.
  • The organization of full medical evacuations “bed to bed”.
  • Providing Doctors and Paramedics escorts for medical evacuations on flights.
  • The organization of air-ambulances.
  • Flight ticketing (seats or stretchers) 24 hours.
  • Hotel booking.
  • Sending agents to the airport for the reception and to facilitate the access.
  • Visit to the bedside of the patient by the Doctors of ELAA INTERNATIONAL.
  • Contract Management.
  • Other Services: cash advance, visa assistance, purchase and delivery of medicines...